IIT Kharagpur Merit cum Means Scholarship 2013-2014

Application Form for Merit cum Means Scholarship & Free Studentship (Fresh For 1st Year students) for the session 2013-14

List of Document to be submitted

Following documents to be submitted along with MCM Scholarship Application (Fresh) for 2013-14for different Classes of guardians Occupation

For Salaried Class (Guardians’ who are in service either in Govt. or Private)

Salary Certificate for the Financial Year 2012-13 (from 01.04.12 to 31.03.13) in prescribed Form „A given in Annexure III (to be downloaded from Institute Web page: iitkgp.ac.in duly sealed/stamped by the Salary Disbursing Officer.

Annual Pension Payment Certificate for the year 2012-13 in prescribed For „C‟ given in Annexure V (to be downloaded from Institute Web page: iitkgp.ac.in to be issued by the Pension Disbursing Officer.-This Is Mandatory

An Income& Non – employment Certificate from local District Authorities like S.D.O. / B.D.O. /M.R.O./ TAHASILDER, Chairman/ Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation etc. for the year 2012-13 also to be submitted in addition to other documents as stated in item 3) a & b above.

Copy of PPO, Superannuating/Retirement/Termination letter and attested copies of I.T. Documents, if any (such as ITR Form / IT Form16, IT return etc. for the current year if applicable.)

How to Apply: Student can download the Form from Institute Website: www.iitkgp.ac.in

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